Rouse, Josh : Feeling No Pain

Where exactly is Alt. Country anyway?...

Where exactly is Alt. Country anyway? Is it a small town to the left of Nebraska where men with half beards sit around grumbling to each other through broken loudhailers about their horses being dead? If so, Josh Rouse – mate of Kurt Wagner, Alt Country’s long-standing mayor – must be the town’s Colin Hunt, frolicking around with his cheery might-never-‘appen pop jangles and his water-spraying cactus buttonhole.

“Bloody hell, here comes Josh,” they crackle into their moonshine and blacks down the Mumbled Feedback saloon, “if he’s got one more song about how bloody great he’s feeling, I’m going to stab him in both eyes with this toothpick, god-dangitphhheeernkschlllrrSQEEEAK!”

So Josh flips them all the bird, flogs this ace shiner to the producers of ‘Vanilla Sky’ and fucks off to Hollywood to blow all the cash on top class prostitutes and crack (possibly). Go Josh, go!

Mark Beaumont