Hoggboy : So Young/Call Me Suck

Hoggboy's debut double A-side is truly great...

First, the grievances. Hoggboy’s name suggests peasantry, pig farming and bestiality – not rock’n’roll, motorcycles, Liv Tyler or any of the glamorous things the band probably had in mind when choosing it. It’s just gross. Next, Hoggboy wear leather jackets with nothing underneath, exposing their clammy hairless Sheffield-bred chests in a misguided bid for bad-boy sex appeal. Again, gross. The lead singer calls himself ‘Hogg’, wears sunglasses 24/7, and – as witnessed at a recent live event – seems most at home when singing, “[I]I am the Hoggboy…[/I]”.

All bad, you might think. But wait! Come back! Hoggboy’s debut double A-side is truly great. ‘So Young’ throbs with rare rock’n’roll vitality – brash, snotty and brief, it’s all gritted teeth and adrenaline, just like a classic debut single should be. ‘Call Me Suck’, on the flip, is a wiry, black-hearted instrumental that’s so down’n’dirty it isn’t so much in the gutter looking at the stars as in the pig-pen staring at the trough.

Click here to listen to a clip of So Young

April Long