...virtually indistinguishable from thousands of other thugs in big shorts...

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Puddle Of Mudd : Control


Puddle Of Mudd : Control

Oh Jesus, here’s more. [a]Staind[/a]’s support on their upcoming tour (say no more), and discovered by no greater mind than Fred Durst, [a]Puddle Of Mudd[/a] are guilty by association straight off the bat. Unbelievably, their album ‘Come Clean’ was the highest-charting debut rock album ever in the US. Ever! This, from a band who sound virtually indistinguishable from thousands of other thugs in big shorts and whose debut single features the line [I]’I love the way you look at me/I love the way you smack my ass…'[/I]. Should we be laughing? Is there a conspiracy going on?

One more question. Why do bad American bands feel compelled to violate the English language? [a]Puddle Of Mudd[/a], [a]Limp Bizkit[/a], [a]Korn[/a], . [a]Staind[/a], [a]Linkin Park[/a], etc… What’s it all about? Do they know they’re wrong, or are we witnessing a musical genre led by disgruntled Spelling B losers? A slap on the wrist to all of them.