Halo : Cold Light Of Day

It sounds a bit metal...

A Bristol-based amateur dramatics society, apparently, Halo attempt to take the stigma from the word ‘epic’ by turning in an audacious, swirling maelstrom of a debut single. It sounds a bit metal, a bit Muse, and a bit like something European from the 1980s. It goes, [I]’In the cold light of day the colours all fade away/We’re left with monotony/Nothing to say'[/I] – which is a bit ironic, really, because those are pretty much the only lyrics to the song. Monotony, thy name is Halo.

Still, there’s something extremely likeable about Graeme Moncrieff’s fluid falsetto, and there’s an ambitious tenacity to the sheer sweep of this song that suggests Halo will soon be back with bigger and better offerings.

April Long