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Alizee : Moi… Lolita


Alizee : Moi… Lolita

Alizee is an easy-on-the-eye 17-year-old girl (bargain!) who looks like a boy (double bargain!) and warbles songs in French (final discount!) about being a Lolita (everything must go!). On top of which, ‘Moi Lolita’ is written by pervoramic French pop madame Mylene Farmer, has been Number One basically everywhere, and is coarsing with so much liquid pop that it makes the Seine look like the stream down the bottom of your gran’s back garden. Call Nicholas Parsons – it’s ‘Sale Of The Century’!

It’s pop as pop should be: the perfect marriage of innocence and experience of which the French, from Birkin to Paradis, have always seemed overwhelmingly capable. All this [I]plus[I] it has one of the most electrifying middle eights ever committed to record. And there’s more to come – her subsequent three singles went to Number One in France and beyond. All she needs now is a boyfriend along the lines of a French Justin Timberlake and it’ll be a case of ‘Joe le Taxi for Ms Spears’…

Peter Robinson