O-Town : Love Should Be A Crime

Shit song...

Then again, you know exactly what’s going on in the [a]O-Town[/a] mind, because they are SO GODDAMN EMOTIONAL and they JUST HAVE TO SING ABOUT IT. Hey, it’s emopop. [I]”Honesty bites the dust every time I hear you saying love is never lust, yeah / Did you read it in a book, did you see it in a magazine? Do you think that I’m some new age fool, do you think I’m so naïve?”[/I] Note, please, that as well as penning what is quite obviously poetry of the very highest order, [a]O-Town[/a] have also made it rhyme, and everyone knows that poetry that rhymes is always the best poety.

Shit song, though, and a far cry from debut single filth in which they sang about spunking all over their bedsheets. But it happens to all of them sooner or later. Townsend, Lydon, Rickitt… They just lose the fire. It’s tragic really.

Peter Robinson