Princess Superstar : Bad Babysitter

Sex, violence, blackmail, extortion and terror...

Sex, violence, blackmail, extortion and terror – welcome to an average Friday evening in the life of a teenage girl. She is not the victim, however. She is the perpetrator. And her role model is Princess Superstar, New York’s bargain basement hip-hop diva, who tells it like it is on this frank, funny, outrageous single.

If hip-hop’s about keeping it real, Princess Superstar does a great job. Not since L7’s ‘Babysitters On Acid’ has the institution of babysitting – aka forcing bored young women to look after spoiled brats for below minimum wage – been so amusingly detailed. Our ‘Bad Babysitter’ can’t wait for Mom and Dad to go out the door: there’s a fridge to be raided, prescription drugs to be pillaged, [I]’Platoon'[/I] to entertain little Josh, rude sex to be had on the couch, and Dad to seduce on the ride home… “[I]I’m a bad babysitter/Got my boyfriend in your shower/Wooh!/I’m makin’ six bucks an hour[/I]” quips Princess S as cheery horns witness the carnage. Concetta Kirschner won’t go down in history as one of rap’s most significant voices, but her fruity, quick-witted, mercurial flow is uniquely excellent. Refreshingly original, ‘Bad Babysitter’ makes a great deal of a bad, bad job.

Kitty Empire