System Of A Down : Toxicity

Our rating:

...very hard to listen to without travel sickness pills...

Dumb riffola is one of life’s most consistent pleasures, from [a]AC/DC[/a] to [a]Andrew WK[/a], so it’s an annoying day when heavy music gets clever and starts playing around with time signatures.

LA’s [a]System Of A Down[/a] are an intriguing band, injecting politics and exotic national origins (Armenian) into this most apple pie and apathetic of genres. They should be saluted as one of the most thoughtful bands currently making aggressive music but, Christ, the dicking about in their songs. . .

’Toxicity’ suffers from rhythmic attention deficit disorder, as if they’re building in breath-breaks for the moshing kids. Perhaps they’re just wilfully perverse. Whatever: very hard to listen to without travel sickness pills.

Kitty Empire