Morissette, Alanis : Hands Clean

A tolerable enough tune...

Some time ago, [a]Alanis Morissette[/a] got famous by singing about giving head in cinemas. Her descent to the dull maturity of ‘Hands Clean’ from ‘You Oughta Know’’s kinky chuntering has a lot to do with the passing of years, of course. You suspect it’s less BJs at movies than good Chardonnay at the Oscars party these days for La Morrissette. But [a]Alanis Morissette[/a] ‘ fall from feist also parallels another decline – how the brash femininity of the ’90s got damped down, married off and traded in for mealy-mouthed chick-lit concerns. Frankness and irony and guts and Liz Phair have been replaced by confessional poetry and therapy sessions about the unfascinating psychological intricacies of past relationships, like this one. And (I)wisdom(/I). And Jewel.

A tolerable enough tune, mind, for those who think their chocolate craving says something poignant about their inner selves.

Kitty Empire