Maximilian Heckler : Polyester

Man-made fibres never felt quite this soft before...

Ugh, [I]polyester[/I]: cheap and irritating, a vintage skirt that gives you an electric shock every time you hike it up to go to the loo. Miraculously, Berliner Max turns out to be a singer-songwriter capable of astonishing tenderness and simplicity. And ‘Polyester’ is revealed to be a lovely ‘High And Dry’-style nursery rhyme-cum-anthem. Clearly, Max is such a delicate soul he can barely bring himself to pronounce consonants for fear of tearing his lips.

And so ‘Polyester’ soars dreamily above all expectation, never really revealing what it’s about, charming in its effortlessness. Man-made fibres never felt quite this soft before.

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