Westlife : World Of Our Own

The phrase 'doing a Bryan Adams, might have been deployed at some point...

In which some already colossally wealthy and famous Irish fellas try to further maximise their market reach. Sorry, did we say that? We meant sing a little song and make lots of simple people very happy.

After much lab research, someone’s obviously decided that a mild foray into uptempo, soulful rock waters is what’s called for to get the older sisters hooked. The phrase ‘doing a [a]Bryan Adams[/a]’, might have been deployed at some point. And so the charmed Peter Pans of pop rasp and croon their way through this pleasant enough tune, calculating how much of Ireland it can pay for. We hear Dublin’s getting very expensive, perhaps that’s why [a]Westlife[/a] need a whole world of their own. Good luck to ’em.

Kitty Empire