Faithfull, Marianne : Sex With Strangers

And what strange bedfellows these are...

And what strange bedfellows these are. Specifically, the grande smoky-voiced dame in the sack with songwriter/producer [a]Beck[/a]. What is Faithfull doing? She seems to have gone all electroclash. Here she is, blowing deadpan Jane Birkin come hithers like stale smoke rings, while [a]Beck[/a] weighs in with some vintage electro. It’s all unbearably hip, fitting seamlessly into the prevailing Hoxton mood for stern ladies saying sexy things while someone pokes a Casio with their asymmetric fringe.

But – dare we say it? – a little undignified. Nothing to do with the still-alluring Faithfull’s age, let’s be clear. More that it’s just… bad.

Kitty Empire