White Stripes : Fell In Love With A Girl

...record shop cash registers remain largely untroubled by them...

The story so far: The new Hendrix/Leadbelly/Dylan/[a]Beck[/a] (delete as applicable) and his drumming sister/wife set the critical world ablaze with their dynamic, bare roots rock’n’roll. They are lauded from NME (first, natch) to red-topped tabloid, their ‘White Blood Cells’ LP rightly hailed as a modern classic. And yet the record shop cash registers remain largely untroubled by them – certainly compared to [a]Strokes[/a] and [a]Hives[/a]. Not necessarily an issue for either Jack or Meg, but something that their new label XL may be aware of. Hence ‘Fell In Love With A Girl’ comes as part of a two CD set and is backed by a state of the art Michel Gondry video. Will it force the public to gobble up these two blistering minutes of garage angst? Will it fire ‘White Blood Cells’ back up the charts? We keenly await details of the next Stripes’ marketing budget.

Ted Kessler