Gomez : Shot Shot

It’s a brilliant way for Gomez to announce their return...

Within the first 40 seconds of this single, there’s a theremin wail, a screaming saxophone and a whole range of pseudo-Western percussion noises that bump and grind in the background like they’re engrossed in an other-worldly conversation. It’s a brilliant way for [a]Gomez[/a]

to announce their return. It’s also reassuring to know that in a world of uncertainty and nu metal, five blokes from Southport can become one of the most successful British bands of recent years, travel the world, take a year off to get their heads round things and still sound as if they spend their days getting stoned in a grotty student house, possibly after a heavy night on the tequila.

But then if it isn’t broke, who can blame them for not fixing it?

Siobhan Grogan