Dandy Warhols : Get Off

Makes you want to firebomb the nearest playlist meeting...

Did anybody actually listen to ‘Bohemian Like You’ first time round? Does it really take a major bastard ad campaign for the radio big knobs to spot a decent tune when it chews their fucking faces off?

Makes you want to firebomb the nearest playlist meeting, but the end justifies the means: the major league rehabilitation [a]Dandy Warhols[/a]

is obviously amongst the best news ever and prompts the re-release of ‘Get Off’ – the one that sounds like a thousand Sioux Indians invading the whorehouse at the High Chaparal for a bongs’n’blow jobs toga keg party.

Ravenous pop.country skills all round – now incidentally, while we’re having the 2000 revival, can everyone go back and listen to[a]Six By Seven[/a]’s ‘The Closer You Get’ album and make them superstars too? Cheers.

Mark Beaumont