Imbruglia, Natalie : Wrong Impression

...pretty enough song from a pretty girl with a pretty voice...

Bambi eyes and beestung lips are all very well to a point, but it seems Ms Imbroolywooly is forever struggling to prove she is more than the sum of her parts. Five years, a fame-induced dose of performance anxiety and a heck of a lot of [a]Coldplay[/a] gigs on from ‘Torn’, this is [a]Natalie Imbruglia[/a] discovering the sweet indie of The Sundays. Jangly guitars, lots of words sung quite fast in the chorus, even an oh-so-elegant key change are all textbook take-me-seriously tricks, deployed here with the grace [a]Natalie Imbruglia[/a] has always oozed. Indeed, ‘Wrong Impression’ is a pretty enough song from a pretty girl with a pretty voice that somehow works much better in the delicately lovely context of her ignored album, ‘White Lilies Island’. It’s just that, as [a]Ian Brown[/a] would confirm, very little is worth taking five years over.

Siobhan Grogan