The arena tour beckons...

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Sum 41 : Motivation


Sum 41 : Motivation

North American punk as practised by [a]Sum 41[/a] (yes, Toronto counts) isn’t about anything. Like the chat show or the cola, it’s simply a format that performs well in the market place if you stick to the formula and [a]Sum 41[/a] know that formula. It’s why their album’s called ‘All Killer, No Filler’ – they’re guaranteeing that every track has that punk oomph, the Green Day sing-a-long chorus: like punk? You’ll love this. It’s smart marketing masquerading as dumb rock’n’roll and ‘Motivation’, the third sound-a-like from ‘All Killer…’, plugs more coins into the fanbase as they power ever upwards. They may have the punk hooks and the punk looks, but [a]Sum 41[/a] have the dead-eyed gaze of young executives. The arena tour beckons…

Ted Kessler