A paean to post-coital cuddling under a 20-tog duvet...

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Bjork : Cocoon


Bjork : Cocoon

A paean to post-coital cuddling under a 20-tog duvet, from Bjork‘s finest album, ‘Vespertine’. ‘Cocoon’ isn’t the most obvious pop single, an intimate reverie set to abstract laptop tones and rhythms that suggest her bedbugs are rebelling. And there may be a little too much information here for cloistered emo boys, particularly when Bjork wakes up in her lover’s arms and exclaims, “[I]Gorgeousness: He’s still inside me!!![/I]” (the exclamation marks are on the lyric sheet) with frankly orgasmic zeal.

But for the rest of us, we can marvel at how the avant-garde and the swooning confessional can be so gracefully reconciled. And, for that matter, how Bjork can be such a romantic after relationships with [a][/a] and [a][/a]. Remarkable.

John Mulvey