Marilyn Manson : Tainted Love

Suck on THAT, you Christian scum! It's our single of the week...

Mild mannered music journalist Brian Nice was bitten by a radioactive moth and turned into – Marilyn Manson, Satan Superstar. Soon hordes of formerly clean-cut all-American teenagers had forsaken hot-rodding and soda-pops for virgin-sacrifice and black hooded tops. But then the sinister satanic mastermind’s diabolic plot was derailed by the tragic events of September the 11th – which caused all the kids to start digging Christian rock instead. So much for history. But now, from his giant-skull shaped secret hide-away on the voodoo island of Haiti,

Manson has struck back with a brilliant cover version of [a][/a]’s cover version of Marc Bolan’s wife’s Northern Soul classic. And a video in which the wonky contact-lensed Master Of Misanthropy frolics with lasses wearing suspenders and giant rabbit heads. Suck on THAT, you Christian scum!

Steven Wells