Rival Schools : Used For Glue

An anthem, if you make it one...

The NME office stereo has been reverberating to this mighty tune since last November, when we fell in love with New York’s [I]other[/I] greatest band – [a]Rival Schools[/a]. Anyone’s who’s been to see A recently will recognise this as the really awesome one in the support band’s set. To recap: the Schools all used to be in punk bands, but they now make some of the most compulsive modern rock you could hope to hear, a gorgeous mash-up of Deftones, [a]Rival Schools[/a] and Nirvana.

‘Used For Glue’ is fuelled by hardcore, but set alight by [a]Rival Schools[/a]’ grasp of melody. Angry and euphoric, it’s got a riff that’ll blister paint, set against singer Walter Schreifel’s ragged, passionate vocals. An anthem, if you make it one.

Kitty Empire