Elliott, Missy feat Eve : 4 My People

The house is bigged up...

“[I]For my motherfucking club heads[/I],” apparently, and no wonder. Missy Elliott is one of the US hip-hop community to have discovered the joys of Ecstasy in the last year or two, and while that can’t help but seem a bit weirdly passé, as if they’d all got into plus fours or ‘Fawlty Towers’ or something, it can’t help but make for the odd good record.

‘4 My People’, with the obligatory [a][/a] cameo is just such a record – and a four-to-the-floor straightahead dance record too – even if it feels a bit on the random side in its construction. The house is bigged up. ‘X’ and orange juice are praised equally. And there seems to be the possibility of sex later, which is splendid.

John Robinson