Spencer, Jon Blues Explosion : She Said

...nothing will steal Jon Spencer’s thirst for the blues...

The new-wave of Detroit garage-punk may have stolen his thunder, but – [I]uhhhn![/I] – nothing will steal Jon Spencer’s thirst for the blues. Or, it would seem, his taste for the red stuff – because ‘She Said’ is one of those things that have proven terribly rare since the [a]Sisters Of Mercy[/a] hung up their musty overcoats: a record about being [I]a scary vampire[/I]. “[I]Ahhh crave the taste of blood![/I]” screeches a crypt-fresh Spencer, as guitars screech like torture-chamber detainees, “[I]Ahhh curse the day that I ever was born…[/I]”.

And that, it would seem, is unlife for John and his Blues Explosion: their curse is to make the same record, over and over again, for eternity. They do it rather well, and that really is about all you can say.

Louis Pattison