Badly Drawn Boy : Silent Sigh

A delicate tune...

What a strange meeting of minds this is. On the one one hand, there’s Nick Hornby, who writes books about people who listen to records, and on the other Damon Gough, who’s now writing records for films of books about people who listen to records. Confusing stuff, and that’s very much the way Badly Drawn Boy seems to like it: rather than cracking on with the follow-up to his ‘Hour Of The Bewilderbeast’ album, he chose to write the soundtrack to the Hugh Grant-starring ‘About A Boy’, and here now is the first fruit of his labour.

A delicate tune, sounding a little like something [a][/a] might have cooked up while seated at a white piano, and a little oriental-sounding too, it’s without the characteristic BDB swinging melody line, but still more than mere incidental music. More immediate stuff, we can report, follows shortly.

John Robinson