Moqsha : Moqsha The Destroyer Vs Dubzilla a record, this is basically useless...

Just as all Godzilla movies purported to summon up the terrible destruction of nuke-ravaged Japan, but actually involved little more than a barney between two blobs of plasticine, Moqsha offer something rather less majestic than the title of this record suggests. ‘Moqusha The Destroyer Vs Dubzilla’ is the sound of another indie band recording some music through microphones made out of yoghurt pots and string, the [a]My Bloody Valentine[/a] that asks ‘will-this-do?’

There’s enough here to make you suspect they’re probably very good live, where their fucked-up suicide drone doubtless slides into sharp focus. But as a record, this is basically useless.

Louis Pattison