Alec Empire : Addicted To You

Electroclash be buggered...

And so, after a draining evening chairing his weekly Techno Terrorists With Tinnitus support group, Alec ‘Sensitive Side’ Empire throws another stack of begging letters from Calvin Klein on the fire, picks up a battered acoustic and strums a delicate ode to that [I]special lady. [I]”I’m addicted to you/Cause you get me through[/I]” he simpers – because even slaughtertechno nutter bastards in tanks need cuddles, right?

“[I]The first injection was for free/ALIENASHUUUUN![/I]”. Oh, hang on, my mistake, it’s actually about nasty German drugs and it sounds like a marauding battalion of laser-spewing Kraftwerkian warbots marching on Sheffield, gargling Iggy Pop’s ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’ with the blood of a million pigs as they go. So business-ruination as usual, which is brilliant. Electroclash be buggered, this is electro[I]slash[/I].

Mark Beaumont