Moldy Peaches : County Fair/Rainbows


I take it all back about Ballboy. They really [I]are[/I] a glistening wonder of the modern world next to this pair of despicable, juvenile comedy c—s. Dressing like Merry Men and five foot rabbits, drinking your own widdle in cocktails and singing about defecating into condoms is marvellous behaviour if your band happens to rock like Belzebub’s jiggling wrecking-ball bollocks.

But if, like Moldy Peaches on their new single, it resembles a mentally retarded They Might Be Giants with their heads in a bucket of cold sick, you deserve to have the words ‘FUCKING STUDENTS’ carved three inches deep into your face with your own ‘wacky’ plastic arrowhead. And if I find out it’s not even rag week I’ll have your sorry bunny arses for a hat. Twats.

Mark Beaumont