Faithless & Dido : One Step Too Far


Odd one this: combine [a]Faithless[/a], a band hardly at the height of their interestingness and who have, arguably, been rather less than interesting since 1998, with [a]Dido[/a], a woman who has not been interesting since Eminem replaced her with Elton John at The Grammys… Together! On one record! Except it’s like some sort of outrageous pop double negative: ‘One Step Too Far’ is a dreamy dancefloor clatterer which transcends all usual problems of [a]Faithless[/a] being all jazzy/[a]Dido[/a] being all spazzy and absolutely raises the roof, complete with a cool little rap from Maxi.

NME thus demands a spree of potentially boring collaborations. Next up… Stereophonics and Lenny Kravitz!

Peter Robinson