Stereophonics : Vegas Two Times

...hardly up there with their better moments...

Ironic, really, given Kelly Jones himself saying something along the lines of ‘If we don’t get back to proper songwriting it’s all going to shit’, that this release and the Stereophonics’ current out-of-the-dumper position should all have come about thanks to – ta [I]da!!![/I] – a cover version.

Yet here we are, back to business, with a self-penned single sounding not unlike a Seahorses B-side. It’s a Stereophonics single. Admittedly, hardly their worst to date (‘Step On My Old Size Nines’ will take some beating), yet at the same time hardly up there with their better moments, like ‘The Bartender And The Thief’ and… Well, it’s hardly up there.

Peter Robinson