Foo Fighters : The One

Shame you'll never be able to own our Single Of The Week...

Not just a clever title. There really is just the one copy of this in existence – well, one CD, one 3″ CD, one 7″, one 10″, one 12″ and one MiniDisc, each available as competition prizes only – and you want one of them bad.

Great big gangly ape that he is, there’s never been any doubting that David Grohl knows a good tune when he hears one and any lingering suspicions that he only sells records because he used to be in [a]Nirvana[/a] can be comfortably cast off with one spin of this latest hunk of direct action rock’n’roll. ‘The One’ is under three minutes long, and rattles along with the customary combination of Cheap Trick melody, [a]Andrew WK[/a] intensity and delusional punk-rock bravado and it’s the best [a]Foo Fighters[/a] single since ‘This Is A Call’ – shame you’ll never get to own one, really.

Jim Wirth