Hoobastank : Crawling In The Dark

They're going to take over the world...!

They’re from the same town as Linkin Park! They’re nu-metal with a crazy pop twist!! Their bassist is a Finnish-American callled Markku Lappalainen!!! And within the next 12 months, they’re going to take over the world and possibly the whole known universe. That’s all really you need to know about Hoobastank and this single is as good a point of entry as any.

‘Crawling In The Dark’ is the kind of feisty rap-rock crunch that might just make these polite young men into the nu-metal Weezer. Gut-wrenching guitars, high angst, lashings of melodrama, it’s all here – just executed in a concise and brilliantly thrilling manner. This music is the reason why Paul has left [a][/a] to join a metal band. They might make you do something similar. Scratch that, they should make you do something similar.