Charlatans : You’re So Pretty, We’re So Pretty

Out with the old organ, then...

Out with the old organ, then. Times are a-changing in The Charlatans camp, as the plucky Northerners cast off the influence of the great lyricist and visionary [a]Jamiroquai[/a] in order to more easily take on the influence of a new great lyricist and visionary, [a][/a]. Oh yes indeed. If you’ve seen the film ‘Fearless’, where Jeff Bridges escapes dying in a plane crash, and thereafter does some very dangerous things indeed because he’s no longer afraid of anything, then you can imagine this record. Here The Charlatans are Jeff Bridges, and having weathered some pretty dangerous stuff, they now decide to get down and get funky. Now, no-one ever said this was a lucky band. But this time, hey, they’ve got away with it.

John Robinson