Oasis : The Hindu Times

A hundred bulldozers driving into a mountain of gemstones...

Of course it sounds like, erm, Oasis, but it’s a welcome return to their heyday noize (sic) which is here resurrected as the sound of a hundred bulldozers driving into a mountain of gemstones. A lumbering, broiling beast of a bellicose ELO-ish tune, it’s blessed with a cartoonised Liam vocal where he sounds like he’s working hard at it. So ‘Hindu Times’ fully succeeds in doing what Oasis tunes should – convince you of your invincibility as a Godzilla of drinking, snorting and macramé-making. Plus there’s a hint of millionaire’s ennui in Noel’s strummer ‘Just Getting Older’ which talks of “[I]Staying in/I can’t be bothered making conversation with the friends that I don’t know[/I]”. The lows, the highs, but at least they can still find the rollercoaster.

Roger Morton