The Bellrays : Fire On The Moon

Very enjoyable, thanks to the sensational hollering of Lisa Kekaula...

Brothers and sisters, the time has come for each and every one of you to decide whether you’re gonna rip off [a]MC5[/a] clichés or stay in snuffling indie obscurity. For Brother McGee’s on a mission to sign every decent garage rock band on the planet. He’s got [a]Hives[/a], now he wants the set.

There’s an awful lot of testifying going on during The BellRays’ debut, then. And very enjoyable it is too, thanks to the sensational hollering of Lisa Kekaula. Essentially, she sounds like [a]Aretha Franklin[/a] locked in a small cupboard with some LA leather boys: homicidal, but in a really tuneful way. Let that woman through – she’s got rock’n’roll to save, you fools.

John Mulvey