Kosheen : Hungry

Sounds uncomfortably like Emma Bunton[/url]’s indie/dance/pastoral stinker'What I Am'...

Kosheen are essentially an airbrushed, scrubbed up [a]Faithless[/a]. While the Bristolian trio may prefer to see themselves as successors to [a]Portishead[/a]’s and [a]Massive Attack[/a]’s revolutionary and influential crowns, they are blatantly not.

Previous single ‘Hide U’ had a dark, peculiar drum’n’bass intent, but here they have decided to airbrush all the edges and settle cozily on the coffee table. ‘Hungry’, sounds uncomfortably like [a]Emma Bunton[/a]’s indie/dance/pastoral stinker ‘What I Am’ with Tin Tin Out from last year. Suitably tossed onto an ad for a family saloon (y’know, a bit sporty and proof that while you may have the family and the comfortable job, you are still a true individual), it makes [a]Faithless[/a] look like fearless visionaries. Surely a band has never had a better incentive to completely readdress everything they do.

Paul McNamee