Chemical Brothers : Come With Us/The Test

Flaps about like a salmon trying desperately not to die...

The Chemical Brothers’ sensational springtime offer of two singles for the price of one is designed to raise awareness of the plight of the pair’s fourth album, ‘Come With Us’, a record which has disappeared off the cultural radar despite being released a mere three months ago. The title track is one of the groovier moments on that album, a thunderstorm of strings, handclaps and funky disco bass that instills a fleeting but tremendous feeling of euphoria. Meanwhile Richard Ashcroft hollers for Babylon on ‘The Test’, though the resonant images he creates with his lyrics are too good for Tom and Ed’s unusually flat production, which just flaps about like a salmon trying desperately not to die. Still, as third singles from albums go, it’s better than most.

Piers Martin