Blige, Mary J : No More Drama

It's all a bit of a comedown from ‘Family Affair’...

After an action-packed few years of cocaine abuse, horrible boyfriends, and asking journalists out for a fight etc, [url=]Mary J. Blige has forsworn the bad behaviour and waved ta-ta to hassle. But while she might be off the drama in real life, she’s still decking her tunes with timpani, exploding orchestras and (it says here) the theme from Yank soap ‘The Young And The Restless’ while singing up the musical equivalent of Hurricane Allison. Unfortunately, the tune isn’t strong enough to survive the bluster, and it’s all a bit of a comedown from ‘Family Affair’ (last heard being covered by Liza Minnelli at the Royal Albert Hall – clearly, these drama queens stick together).

Alex Needham