Buff Medways : My Troubled Mind

What a hero...

Feted by the White Stripes, gushing profiles in the

broadsheets: who’d have thought that grizzled old

Billy Childish would be 2002’s first real Renaissance

Man? The last time he touched these pages was with
Thee Headcoats, who turned out a charming little number

called ‘We Fuckin’ Hate The NME’. Now, the old rascal’s

back with a new album on Transcopic, and this rather

excellent two-minute fuzz-rock stomp. [I]”I need you

little girl/ To ease… my troubled mind,”[/I] growls

Childish, like a pissed cockney Elvis impersonator that’s

fallen into a muddy gutter on his way home from the boozer.

What a hero.

Louis Pattinson