The Soundtrack Of Our Lives : Sister Surround

...a shard of infectious, dreamy genius...

Marshalled by kaftan’d Friar Tuck-alike Ebbot Lundberg, TSOOL are currently jostling to be at the vanguard of [a]Hives[/a]-led Swedish Invasion. As the title of their second album, ‘Extended Revelation for the Psychic Weaklings of Western Civilization’, might suggest, however, this lot eschew the straightahead frat party garage rock of their white tied peers in favour of some lush psych-pop contemplation.

Reared in Gothenburg, a city hitherto famous only for its cathedral, ‘Sister Surround’ is variously reminiscent of a mandrax-paced [a]Iggy & The Stooges[/a], wayward ‘80s indie types The Teardrop Explodes or a chirpier take on the FX-pedal lunacy of the early ‘90s shoegazer bands. It is, in fact, a shard of infectious, dreamy genius that more than makes up for all the shuffly identikit Roses guff on the B-side.

Pat Long