A : Starbucks

Nothing unusual here...

This is a song about a grumpy middle American man with caffeine psychosis who thinks the [I]’kids are freaks and he wants them off the streets'[/I]”. Nothing unusual here. But, unlike todays Labour Party, Grumpy’s answer to the juvenile crime menace is not boot camp, the scouts or decriminalising pot so the police can get high too – he wants the kids behind the counter at Starbucks.

But the kids don’t want to serve the caffeine, the kids want cocaine, but [I]’Don’t want no job in Columbia'[/I] doesn’t quite sound the same. Still, this is potentially high charting happy-go-lucky angst with a lead singer who sounds like [a]Sting[/a]. So everytime a coffee shop is mentioned on a documentary make sure you know where the control is.

Rowan Chernin