Fat Joe featuring Ashanti : What’s Luv?

As-sweet-as puke rap ballad destined for success...

As-sweet-as puke rap ballad destined for success. This soft top driving ‘Luv’ muzak is contagious but so are cold-sores from cider bottles, not that you’d ever share one. Fat Joe knows he’s onto a good thing when Ashanti raps “[I]what’s Luv got to do with it?[/I]”

Are we missing something here? Girlfriends never, ever ask that. So if Fat Joe is getting his freak on without having to get shackled with any of this bothersome ‘Luv’ business, I want to get on his magic bus and “[I]freak as though we’re on E[/I]”. Honest, Joe’s words, especially when he raps about walking into a club with his “[I]hat down[/I]” and his “[I]Michael Jack’s down[/I]”.

Fat Joe is a genius.

Rowan Chernin