Korn : Here To Stay

Like a father rat eating his offspring...

Like a father rat eating his offspring, the returning Korn sound hell-bent on chewing the heads off the litter of their runty metal spawn, cranking up the sound, fury and general whining about abandonment in a display of alpha-male angst. For the first 39 seconds, it’s actually passably entertaining – then Jonathan Davis starts up. “[I]I’m going to take my face and bash it into a mirror[/I]” he growls and we’re right back in Dysfunction 101, a vocabulary of misery and despair so hackneyed that even The Samaritans might find themselves snapping and demanding he pull himself together.

Yes, it’s impressively heavy, but like men ordering an ultra-hot vindaloo to prove a macho point, Korn think that the noise is enough to show their metal mettle. It really isn’t.

Victoria Segal