Asher D : Why Me?/Back In The Day

...chances are the milkman won’t be whistling ’em...

Funny old year for Asher D, the So Solid-affiliated MC and graduate of the Sylvia Young acting school. Scored a Number One with ‘Haterz’ at the start of 2002 only to be sent down for 18 months for waving a shooter in a traffic warden’s face, the crazy kid. While Asher studies hard for his woodwork GCSE at Feltham Young Offenders’ Institute, his profile outside his place of incarceration (and, no doubt, inside it) is at an all-time high.

Say what you like about ‘Why Me?’ and ‘Back In The Day’ – and chances are the milkman won’t be whistling ’em – but across the plethora of remixes and instrumentals, the Oxide and Timeless efforts in particular, you’ll find slippery, cutting-edge robo-funk and Knight Rider melodies. Cheap, not cheerful.

Piers Martin