Wilco : War On War

Great, mad stuff all round...


War On War


From ‘Yankee Hotel Foxtrot’ – the album being touted as Wilco’s ‘Kid A’, except that a) Less people will buy it and b) It doesn’t sound like paranoid wasps in a jar – ‘War On War’ is, even on an album not exactly filled with obvious choices for a single, not the most obvious choice for a single. Still, very good it is nonetheless – a strange tune which blends ‘Abbey Road’ era Beatles melodies with a welter of electronic chirping reminiscent of esteemed German experimentalists Neu! On which flabbergastingly contemporary note, we leave you, pausing only to remark that one of the

B-side sounds like [a]Elvis Costello[/a], and the other like The Beatles again. Great, mad stuff all round.

John Robinson