Saves The Day : At Your Funeral

Nasty. And, really very nice...

There are two kinds of emo. In one, well-educated punkish young people get all traumatised to loud guitars and/or poetry (hello, Thursday and Dashboard Confessional). In the other, well-educated punkish young people swap pain for pop hooks (take a bow, [a]Jimmy Eat World[/a], The Promise Ring).

This is the emo that’s currently sweeping branches of Urban Outfitters, and ‘At Your Funeral’ is its next inescapable theme tune. It knows it, too, declaring that “[I]this song will become the anthem of your underground[/I]” in a tongue-in-cheek way, because underneath the irresistible mall-punk melody, this is a song about burials and death wishes and generally wondering if you’d piss on your worst enemy if they were on fire. Nasty. And, really very nice.

Kitty Empire