Gomez : Sound Of Sounds

Destroy, destroy, destroy...

Gomez. Oh, Gomez. What is there to say about Gomez? They had one good song, ever, called ‘Whippin’ Picadilly’. They like to smoke cannabis. They’re more interesting than Haven. And… oh, Jesus, we’re running out of steam here.

‘Sound Of Sounds’ is business as usual for the psychedelic folk uglymugs, kicking off with frontman Ian Ball whispering “[I]Do you ever stop and wonder/Where you’d be without her?[/I]”, and sluggishly unfolding into a let’s-all-pretend-we’re-at-Woodstock campfire jam dire enough to make you think that falling in love is about as pleasant as having your knuckles removed with a rusty claw hammer. Destroy, destroy, destroy. And if nothing else, let this be a cautionary tale for [a][/a]. Stick to the plot, guys.

Louis Pattison