Peaches : Set It Off

Our Single Of The Week "is a winner all the way"...

Peaches was sassy and sexy for about eight seconds until we worked out that she was from Canada, but in place of any spurious image we might have had of her as some kind of hip-hop dominatrix, here we have the new, major-label approved, daggery, Jaggery Madonna of fag-haggery.

‘Set It Off’ is a moronic slab of two-note electro-clatter fecklessly nailed to a grimy, hi-nrg rhythm with Peaches strutting her sexlessly smooth stuff over the top. It’ll use you, abuse you and you’ll wake up in the morning to find it has stolen your cash card and that’s the way you like it, slags. Filthy, trashy and not entirely unlike Gary Numan after a sex change operation, Peaches is a winner all the way.

Jim Wirth