Osbourne, Ozzy : Dreamer/Gets Me Through

One shit, one will have you "lining your spasming spine ripple in appreciation"...

Amidst all the MTV freakshow brouhaha it’s all too

easy to forget that [a]Ozzy Osbourne[/a]

– Lord King Emperor of RAWK –

is blessed with the singing voice of an orgasming

seraphim. Forget ‘Dreamer’, it’s a sub ‘Imagine’

eco-pish ballad and is thus the hideously deformed

bollocks of the world’s ugliest chihuahua.

But ‘Get Me Through’ is the real deal. A 12-thumb

killa-riff intro warns us that we are about to feast

on raw, bloody and possibly still semi-conscious meat.

And then [a]Ozzy Osbourne[/a]

starts caterwauling over a hysterical

Hammer Horror organ riff and the small hairs lining

your spasming spine ripple in appreciation. Hear this.

Go buy Sabbath’s ‘Paranoid’. Then go get everything

you own which features an [a]Ian Brown[/a]

vocal and tip it

into the bin.

Steven Wells)