Six By Seven : All My New Best Friends

God help them should they ever actually sell any records...

Terrible times, as usual, for a href=””>Six By Seven, a band who evidently entered the music business just so they could complain more loudly about it.

Dogged followers of Nottingham’s grimmest men – quite an achievement, that – will hardly be surprised to learn that ‘All My New Best Friends’ is, once again, a withering satire on the delusions of fame. But the twist is that it drops their usual vein-popping racket for the strings’n’strums of a thousand mediocre Travis album tracks. Difficult to tell whether this is sarcastic pastiche or a desperate attempt at a hit, though it doesn’t really succeed on either count. Another failure to increase the bitterness and rancour of these entertainingly twisted men, then: God help them should they ever actually sell any records.

John Mulvey