Jimmy Eat World : Sweetness

You can almost feel this doing you good...

No matter what the purists think, this major label emo really isn’t going to send the Great Beast 666 slouching towards Bethlehem. In fact, this single is positively wholesome, invigorating like a mental saltscrub from a nice young Swede in a white coat. Efficient distortion, urgent piano, canny call-and-response lyrics ([I]”Sing it back. . ..Are you listening?”[/I] – oh, you can just [I]see[/I] the jumping up and down) –[a]Jimmy Eat World[/a]

easily sidestep the impotence of being earnest to generate some undeniable passion.

You can almost feel this doing you good – which, admittedly, sounds more like a recommendation for a Vitamin C drink than a rock’n’roll record – but after centuries of nu-metal hell, it’s a good idea to grow back your brain cells where you can.

Victoria Segal