Nelly : Hot In Herre (sic)

...possibly the sauciest record ever...

Produced by R&B Midases The Neptunes, ‘Hot In Herre’ is so ripe that it manages the nifty trick of making Prince look straightedge. Full of references to “[I]bustin’ loose[/I]”, “[I]spillin’ juice[/I]”, “[I]shootin’ steam[/I]” and other such Channel 5-isms, over the course of four minutes Nelly and an un-named female companion decide that, yes, it’s so hot that they must remove their matching Gucci tank tops. We suspect that their desire to disrobe’s not down to the air conditioning being on the blink, either.

The fact that the music sounds like an update of lost chase themes from [I]Knight Rider[/I] – and the title’s syntactical tomfoolery – aside, ‘Hot In Herre’ is possibly the sauciest record ever. Phew. What day is it?

Pat Long